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Prominence 9-27-2015

Classification: The Sun (G2V)
Object Location: Center Of Solar System
Size & Distance: Apx. 864,938 miles. at apx. 93 million miles or 8.19 Light Minutes.

Date & Location: 09-27-2015 Descanso, CA.
Exposure: Best 20% of 1000 frames. A Televue 5X Powermate was used at 9 fps.
Optics: Lunt LS60THa pressure tuned 60mm f/8.3 / Hinode Solar Guider.
Mount: Celestron AVX Equatorial mount.
Camera: Point Grey Grasshopper 3 USB
Filters: ~<0.7 Angstrom, B1200
Software: FireCapture, AutoStakkert 2, RegiStax 6, Photoshop CS5. Topas labs.