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Comet Linear

Notes: 2004
Takahashi FSQ106N f5 530mm
Comet 209P/LINEAR
Astro-Physics 900 GTO / Home made pier
Starlight-Xpress SXV-H9
Astrodon G1 LRGB E-Series Filters
MaxImDL 4.11, Photoshop 6,

209P/LINEAR is a periodic comet discovered on 3 February 2004 by Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) using a 1.0-metre reflector. Initially it was observed without a coma and named 2004 CB as a minor planet or asteroid, but in March 2004 Robert H. McNaught observed a comet tail which confirmed it as a comet. It was given the permanent number 209P on 12 December 2008 as it was the second observed appearance of the comet. Prediscovery images of the comet, dating back to December 2003, were found during 2009. Arecibo imaging in 2014 showed the comet nucleus is peanut shaped and about 2.4 km in diameter. The comet has extremely low activity for its size and is probably in the process of evolving into an extinct comet.