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Taurus Molecular Cloud Complex

Classification: Dark Nebula and Reflection Nebula, Vdb 27, B7, B10, B209, B211, C30, LBN782, IC359
Constellation: Taurus (TAU)
Object Location: Ra 04h 19m 48s Dec +27° 45 ’08” (current)(centered)
Size & Distance: NA - Apx 450 ly

Date & Location: 10-1/2-2021 Little Blair Valley, CA
Exposure: LRGB 240, 100, 90, 90. L-24x10m, R-10x10m GB-9x10m ea. (bin 1x1)
Optics: Telescope Engineering Company APO110FL @ f/5.74, 631mm.
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach 1 GTOCP4 / ATS 8x36 Pier.
Camera: FLI-PL16803 @-25c / FLI CFW5-7 / Guided by SBIG ST-I / w OAG.
Filters: Astrodon G2 LRGB
Software: MaxIm 6.11, Photoshop CC, CCDStack, Topaz Studio

Notes: Sky conditions: Above average seeing, No wind, Temp low 50’s
Image Field of view is 198x198 arcmin. Image Scale 2.94 arcsec/pix

LBN 782 (aka Cederblad 30 or B10) is the blue reflection nebula upper center, IC359 at 1.3x1.3 is the galaxy at centerright, vdB 27 is upper left and LDN 1495 is the diagonal dark lane bottom left . There are also many PGC galaxies in the field as well.