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Sh2-155 / Cave Nebula

Classification: Emission / Reflection / Dark Nebula Sh2-155 / C9
Constellation: Cepheus (Cep)
Object Location: Ra 22h 57m 24s Dec +62° 42’10° (current)
Size & Distance: 50.0 x 30.0 Apx 2400 light years.

Date & Location: 05-6/7-10/11-2013 Joshua Tree National Park, CA. & Little Blair Valley, CA
Exposure: Hubble Palette SHO, Sll=R, Ha=G, Olll=B, Ha=12 @ 15min. Sll,Olll 6 ea. @ 15min. (bin 1x1) Sll, Olll= 10 ea. @ 15min. (bin 2x2)
Optics: Takahashi Epsilon-210 f3 630mm. w/ FLI-PDF
Mount: Astro-Physics 1200 GTO / ATS 10x36 pier.
Camera: FLI-ML6303E @-30c-JT /-20c-LBV / CFW2-7 / TV60APO / w SBIG ST-402
Filters: Astrodon 3nm Ha, Sll, Olll
Software: MaxImDL 4.56, Photoshop CS5

Notes: Sky conditions: Beolw average seeing, both JT-LBV. windy-JT, light wind-LBV. Temp 50°-JT. 70°-LBV
Image Field of view is 96 x 144 arcmin.

Sh2-155 or Caldwell 9, also known as the Cave Nebula, is a dim and very diffuse bright nebula within a larger nebula complex containing emission, reflection, and dark nebulosity. It is located in the constellation Cepheus.

Visually it is a difficult object, but with adequate exposure, makes a striking image. The nebula gets its name Cave Nebula from the dark lane at the eastern side abutting the brightest curve of emission nebulosity which gives the appearance of a deep cave when seen through a telescope visually.