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Classification: Emission nebula Sh2-132 / LBN470-473
Constellation: Cepheus (Cep)
Object Location: Ra 22h 19m 17s Dec +56° 12’51° (current)
Size & Distance: 30.0 x 20.0 Apx 11,000 light years.

Date & Location: 08-07-2010 Palomar Mountain, CA.
Exposure: NllHaOlllOlll, L=Nll 3 @ 20min. Ha=R 4 @ 15min. HaOlll=G Ha-4, Olll-6 @ 15min. All (bin 1x1)
Optics: Takahashi Epsilon-210 f3 630mm. w/ FLI-DF2
Mount: Astro-Physics 900 GTO / ATS 10x36 pier.
Camera: SBIG-ST10XME @-15c / Guided by e-finder SBIG-RGH
Filters: Astrodon 3nm Ha, Nll, Olll.
Software: MaxImDL 4.56, Photoshop CS

Notes: Sky conditions: Average seeing, No wind, Temp 60°
Image Field of view is 54 x 80 arcmin.

Sharpless 2-132 is a very faint emission type nebula on the Cepheus/Lacerta border.  It's easy to locate because of its proximity to the distinctive triangle of stars formed by delta, epsilon and zeta Cephei From northwest to southeast, zeta, epsilon and Sh2-132 form an almost straight line.