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NGC4565 / Needle Galaxy 

Classification: Edge-on spiral galaxy, NGC4565, C38, H24-5
Constellation: Coma Berenices (COM)
Object Location: Ra 12h 37m 03s Dec +25° 54’21° (current)
Size & Distance: 15.8 x 2.1 Apx 40 Million light-years.

Date & Location: 04-13-2018 Little Blair Valley, CA.
Exposure: LRGB 130, 75,75,75 L=13x10min, RGB= 5x15 (bin 1x1)
Optics: Telescope Engineering Company APO180FL @ f/5.23 / FLI-Atlas focuser / W/Astro-Physics TCC160, F/L 941mm.
Mount: Astro-Physics 1200 GTOCP4 / ATS 10x36 Pier.
Camera: FLI-MLx694 @-25c / FLI CFW2-7 / Guided by SBIG ST-I / w OAG.
Filters: Astrodon G2 LRGB
Software: MaxImDL 6.10, Photoshop CS5, CCDStack, Topaz Labs.

Notes: Sky conditions: Average seeing, calm winds, upper 40’s
Cropped Image Field of view is 33 x 27 arcmin. North right

NGC 4565 (also known as the Needle Galaxy or Caldwell 38) is an edge-on spiral galaxy  in the constellation Coma Berenices.

The galaxy sits perpendicular to our own Milky Way galaxy and is almost directly above the North Galactic Pole (in the same way Polaris is located above the Earth's North Pole).
NGC 4565 is a giant spiral galaxy more luminous than the Andromeda Galaxy and it has been proposed that if it were viewed face-on, it would be the most spectacular of the galaxies of its type.
Other prominent galaxies in this FOV. NGC4562 lower left, IC3546 & IC3543 are lower right, IC3571 center, IC3582 center right, plus many very small galaxies.