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NGC5364 and Friends

Classification: Galaxy Cluster NGC 5338-5348-5356-5360-5363-5364
Constellation: Virgo (VIR)
Object Location: Ra 13h 55m 45s Dec +05°00’31” (current) (centered)
Size & Distance: 6.1 x 6.8 Apx 55 Million light-years.

Date & Location: 05-27-2022 Lockwood Observatory, Descanso,CA.
Exposure: LRGB 30,30,30,30 all 6 x 300 (bin 1x1)
Optics: Telescope Engineering Company APO110FL w/ TEC FF @ f/5.74, 631mm, FLI-Atlas focuser.
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach 1 GTOCP4 / ATS 8x36 Pier.
Camera: FLI-MLx694 @-25c / FLI CFW1-8 / Guided by SBIG ST-I / w OAG.
Filters: Astrodon G2 LRGB
Software: MaxImDL 6, CCDStack Photoshop CC, Topaz Studio.

Notes: Sky conditions: Below average seeing, No wind, Temp 55’s
Image Field of view is 65x51 arcmin. Image Scale 1.48 arcsec/pix

NGC 5364 is a grand design spiral galaxy located 54.5[2] million light years away in the constellation Virgo. This object was discovered by William Herschel on February 2, 1786, and later listed as NGC 5364. It was subsequently rediscovered by John Herschel on April 7, 1828, and later listed as NGC 5317. This image is almost like a mini Virgo Cluster; it has 6 small NGC galaxies, and possibly hundreds of PGC galaxies.