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The Mount

Notes: The Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial Mount with the CP4 Control box.
These mounts are truly a marvel of engineering, maximum strength and rigidity with minimum weight. Extremely solid, rugged, high payload mount, yet the equatorial head comes apart in two reasonably lightweight components for hassle-free field setup.
The 1200 mount has a conservative capacity of approximately 140 lb. scope and accessories (not including counterweights), The periodic error specification of 5arc seconds before introducing any periodic error correction. The PE is smoothly variant with extremely low ripple or moment-to-moment error. This mount runs at about 1 arc-seconds per 6.4-minute cycle.
The 1200 mount is no longer produced, and has been replaced with the 1600 GTOCP4.

The Advanced Telescope Systems (ATS) 10 x 36 portable pier.
The 10 x 36 refers to a 10" diameter tube and is made with 0.25 inch wall tubing, with an open height of 36”. This platform while being very portable is extremely solid and weights in at 38 pounds with a load rating of 550 pounds. The telescope pier tube assembly is secured on both ends with aluminum plates to eliminate vibration effects. The primary leg attachment blocks are welded firmly to the pier tube for improved stability.