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M8 / IC4685

Classification: Emission/Reflection Nebula M8 / IC4685 / Sh2-29 / B302/303
Constellation: Sagittarius (SGR)
Object Location: Ra 18h 07m Dec -24° 11’ (current)(centered)
Size & Distance: BIG Apx 5000 light years.

Date & Location: 06-20-2009 Palomar Mountain, CA.
Exposure: HaRGB, Ha= 3 @ 5min./5 @ 10min. (bin 1x1) RGB= 4 ea. @ 5min (bin 2x2)
Optics: Takahashi FSQ85ED f3.8 323mm
Mount: Astro-Physics 900 GTO / ATS 10x36 pier.
Camera: SBIG-ST10XME @ -15c / Guided by TEC140, SBIG-RGH
Filters: Astrodon 6nm Ha, G2 RGB
Software: MaxImDL 4.56, Photoshop CS

Notes: Sky conditions: Average seeing, Light wind, Temp 47°
Image Field of view is 106 x 157 arcmin.

This is an example of an area with both Emission and Reflection Nebula, and is neighbors with the Lagoon Nebula M8 and is most likely an extension of it.