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B18 / Taurus Region

Classification: Dark Nebula B-18, LBN-812, LDN-1531.
Constellation: Taurus (TAU)
Object Location: Ra 04h 32m 51s Dec +24° 28’23” (current)
Size & Distance: Apx,180.0 x 60.0 Apx 450 light years

Date & Location: 11-5/6-2021 Little Blair Valley, CA
Exposure: LRGB 130, 70, 70, 60. L-13x10, R-G 7x10, B-6x10. (bin 1x1)
Optics: Telescope Engineering Company APO110FL w/ TEC FF @ f/5.74, 631mm, using the Optec FocusLynx.
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach 1 GTOCP4 / ATS 8x36 Pier..
Camera: FLI-PL16803 @-25c / FLI CFW5-7 / Guided by SBIG ST-I / w OAG.
Filters: Astrodon G2 LRGB
Software: MaxImDL 6.11, Photoshop CC,

Notes: Sky conditions: Average to bad seeing, No wind, Temp 58-69
Image Field of view is 190x190 arcmin. North Up, Image Scale 2.94 arcsec/pix
On the LBN brightness scale, LBN812 rates at 5. Very dim